Decades Emporium

Many years ago I owned a brick and mortar store that featured previously owned home furnishings, including vintage / antiques items, painted furniture, as well as, interior design services. With despair, the store closed in Sept 2008 in the height of the great recession...need I say more.

Picking myself up by the boot straps and considering the fact, once a treasure "hunter" always a hunter, I knew I needed an avenue to sell these fine treasures. Initially, I started selling in co-ops, then I found Etsy and opened a store in 2012. That was a scary endeavor, not knowing a single thing about selling merchandise on-line, i.e., item description's, pictures, measuring, weighing, listing, packaging, shipping providers...OMG who was quite a daunting task. I am, years later, a tad wiser, still searching and rescuing antique/vintage objects, giving them a new life and hopefully a new home. Due to the age of vintage and antique items, inherently, they will have a natural patina, age cracks, occasional scrapes/ scratches/ chips and other irregularities...creating it's uniqueness, character and genuine beauty. However, prior to making any of these finds available to a valued customer, items are meticulously inspected for any obvious unacceptable defects.
Some of the pieces in my collection are hand painted with a durable European chalk paint and hand finished with several coats of wax.

My goal is to provide unique quality products and "service that is second to none". I truly love this journey and greatly appreciate your interest. Don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions, I Iook forward to assisting you.

If you like what you see, please add me to your "favorite shop" ...Thank you...Thank you!

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